Ondřej Landa

Ondrej Landa was born half Czech and half Slovakian in the nothern Czech countryside. He has many faces, such as an anthropologist, writer, permaculture and self-sufficiency practitioner as well as a conventionally educated mim and musician.

He studied science and art in various institutions but as soon as he discovered the limits of conventional approach to the world he left the universities and went through an intense research of indigenous cultures and traditional religions throughout Asia, New Zealand and eastern Europe, in order to explore the roots of arts and human being itself.

Now, he is located in an isolated place in southern Romanian highlands, within an old indigenous Czech cummunity. He mainly focuses on spiritual practice, farming and growing his understanding of nature, society, and concrete human individuals including himself.

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Ondrej playing an original flute "mojara" (combination of Bolivian flute moxeno and Slovakian fujara) using a playing technique based on pranayan. Records from Japan and Romania 2012-13.