Ondra Ondori Project

Ondra Ondori featuring Hico is an opening project by Duo Kerlek where Ondrej´s original songs, performed on an accordion, voice and Slovakian flute koncovka, are supported by Hico`s pianica, percussion and sound mastering.

Ondrej`s style is performed in the spirit of Czech and Slovakian individual folk singers but it differs from the majority of them by it`s sharp and awakening energy.

The name of the album has a twofold meaning. First, in Japanese, the word on means sound and it reflects Ondrej´s strong interest in the body of the music.

Second, the word on also means he in Czech. Connected to this the name Ondra originally comes from a Greek word meaning man or manly, and ondori is Japanese word for a rooster. All together it is related to Ondrej`s previous fierceful, revolting and predominantly masculine period in his life which is partly tangible in this album.

Because of the repeating environmental and ecologic theme in his songs, Ondrej`s music was once nicknamed “environmental folk“..

Anicka song. Sofia, Bulgaria 2015
Poupatko song. Records mixture from Japan, Bulgaria and Romania 2013-15