Improvisation and freestyle is the real basis of Duo Kerlek`s work. Sacrificing themselves on the altar of presence their music ceases to be only a form of art…

We are devoted to that borderless stream of music energy which goes beyond all structures, thoughts and even the self and enables us - two different beings separated in space, age and culture, to connect into one.

Homo Musicalis 1 - guitar, kalimba, melodion, voice, drum (Japan 2018)
Homo Musicalis 2 - mouth bow, voice, melodion, percussion (Japan 2018)
Deep in the valley - Slovakian flutes: koncovka and fuiara, voice, accordeon (Japan 2018)
Desert path - taishogoto+percussions/melodion/jew's harp/vocal (Czech Rep. 2017)
Enstein's garden - melodion duo (Czech Rep. 2017)
Inadanian band - Shi Shi Odori (2013)
Duo Kerlek & Matej Kolenic in Yokohama 2018
Duo KerleK and Inadanian impro sellection from Japan and Bulgaria 2013-15